Joanna Marchi is a 31-year-old photojournalist who grew up in the South of France before moving to Belgium. It’s belatedly that she head towards journalism. Indeed, she needed a Cinema’s Bachelor and 15 months in Australia to find her career path.

In September 2017, she graduated with a master’s degree in journalism. She then began to take a close interest in radio, but also began to take interest in photo festivals throughout France. 

Today, she is a young passionate journalist ; passionate by the window that this job can offer to the World and its possibility to be shared.

In September 2019, she exhibits for the first time in Perpignan, in France, a project entitled “Railway 6/7” as part of the “Festival Off” of Visa pour l’Image.

Since December 2020, Joanna is a member of the Hans Lucas photo agency. 

Through those pages, she makes you discover some eclectic subjects ranging from simple photographs to projects more elaborates, exposing particular issues. Her training and experiences enable her to anticipate the multiple challenges that represent journalism today.